Cabling and Connectivity for your HiFi or AV System
. Whilst we increasingly live in a 'wifi world', good cabling to ensure accurate and high speed transfer of audio and digital signals is extremely important. Prewiring a new home, business or addition is paramount is ensuring a hassle, mess free outcome whether a multi-room or single room setup.

are two makers of classy products with a wide range of speaker and interconnect cabling both fixed and off the roll solutions. Quantum offer termination facilities to ensure that your cables perform to the best capabilities. Speaker systems require high grade cable, and despite the ads for  'wireless' speakers, most/all of these still require 240V power, so running speaker cabling to rear or outside speakers is still a preferred option.

Transfer of data is increasingly carried over cat 5/6 and with clever balums reconverting complex signals like HDMI to their native form. Our install technicians are very knowledgeable and will recommend and use high quality solutions.

Quantum also offer antenna installation and infrastructure. Power conditioners, surge power boards and so on from makers like IsoTek, a leader in this field, will be recommended as part of the equipment spec.

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