Cambridge Audio make fine sounding and well built hifi gear with an eye to the future and the past.  The total dedication to sonic performance is matched by digital and analogue connectivity, with Bluetooth, wifi and vinyl record player compatibility on several models. You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate quality sound. At Quantum we want you to enjoy your music and experience what you have been missing.

A Family of Hifi gear - Cambridge offer award winning amplifiers, CD players and digital playback devices such as the raved about CXN DAC/Streaming component.

CXA-60/80  (above) – is a premium quality amplifier awarded 5 stars and 2016 What HiFi amplifier of the year. Featuring the best of old and new inputs for 3 digital devices, Bluetooth port, and 4 analogue connections too. With A, B or A+B speaker pairs selection this amplifier is a delight to use. The supplied remote also controls power and functions of the Cambridge CD transport and Digital player (see below) Available in silver too.

CXC CD Transport (above) - this exception CD deck utilises the DAC (digital to analogue convertor) in the CXA amplifier to resolve every detail from you favourite CD(s). Simplicity in operation with total ease of use guaranteed to please those who dislike 'knobs & frills'.

CDX Digital Steaming Player (above) – offers wireless digital music streaming from Spotify, Bluetooth and internet radio and much much more. The CDX allows wifi playback from AirPlay Apple devices, also Network music that is stored on your NAS or PC/Mac. Super hi-res playback of downloaded music files too. Album artwork displays via the Cambridge Audio App or front panel LCD.

SR20 (above) – On a restricted budget but want quality hifi music?. This Cambridge Topaz receiver allows connection to vinyl record player, analogue devices, digital inputs from the TV etc, and 2 pairs of speakers. Plus AM/FM tuner built in. If you do not require digital inputs the SR10 offers similar features at a lower price.

CD10 (above) – matches the Topaz SR20 above. Functional with great sound from your CD collection.

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