Say goodbye to multiple remote controls. Using our customised RTi interface you have complete control using an iPad, Android tablet or an RTi touch-screen remote. The RTi control system is designed to automate and enhance the operation of AV components, security, lighting and countless other devices in a commercial or residential environment. RTi is packed with features to facilitate integration of third-party devices into one seamless and cohesive system.

Multi-Room Systems - Controlled with RTi iPad Control System

Case Study 1 - Home
Clients Fiona and Robin have three living areas - Study/den, Lounge and Bedroom retreat. They requested the ability to view and select TV, Foxtel and movies in Study or Lounge; and choose in any combination playback of vinyl records, digital streamed music, CDs and radio, to any of their three living areas. Robin had a very large existing CD collection that was not fully utilised with many CDs stored away in boxed sets.

Solution: A Yamaha AVentage 3 zone amplifier was selected with Bowers & Wilkins CM series speakers of varying models in all three rooms. A Naim hard drive server CD ripper was installed with initially 300 CDs ripped at full WAV file quality. An Oppo Bluray/CD/DVD Universal player, Sonos digital music client, and Apple TV media player were also installed.

Staff member Glenn programmed the RTi control system, so an iPad allows individual selection of CDs via album art or track list, TV recording, internet radio and so on. With a single icon pressed, the TV, Yamaha receiver and OPPO Bluray player switch on, ready to view and select that favourite movie, or stream from on-line.

Max headed the install staff in seamlessly running cabling within the existing older home. QED silver series speaker cable and other wiring was completely hidden. Operation for the non-technical owners was simple and precise. Watch a TV recording on the Study LED screen, and choose from any of 300+ stored CDs in the Lounge.

Case Study 2 - Commercial
Client GH Ltd was fitting out a new Wine bar, whisky-tasting and eatery to be in a prime location at the end of a new floating pier and ferry terminal. The requirement was for the very best audio, separately controllable in several areas including the ability to inject a localised disco mixer or computer music.

Solution: Fit Bose FreespaceĀ® and other premium Bose solutions, with flush and surface mount speaker systems. The equipment rack was 'buried' below sea level, in the service area, of this exciting development. The main source was digital music from streamed or stored hard disk, with criteria of ease of use and of course exceptional sound. See photo on the Home Page slider from this web site. One of Hobart's premium tourist and local attractions.

Case Study 3 - Home Theatre
Enjoyment Plus.
Staying home on Saturday night to watch a movie can be a surprisingly easy and fun experience. A recent home theatre installed by Quantum included seating for six people in recliner chairs, a 110inch wide-screen, plus lighting and sound that are wired so they can be adjusted from the QController iPad when a Blu-ray/DVD or streamed movie is being played. Custom AV specialists Quantum designed, built and installed the audio visual equipment and its management system.

Rob MacFie of Quantum says the home theatre was the key to the project. "The owners wanted dedicated relaxing space where they could go and view their favourite flicks, Maria in particular loves classic musicals like 'South Pacific' and wanted a great movie experience," Rob says "Music sound awesome too whether Concert DVDs or digital music".

Quantum's system designer Glenn provided the owners with a high level of direct management of the system. Simple, fully automated control is provided by a mobile IPad touch panel interface, which can be used by all guests and can be operated anywhere in the room.

Most of the audio visual and other equipment is hidden. Bowers & Wilkins speakers are concealed in the cabinets below the screen or built into the ceiling. The 'theatre quality projector' is an ultra quiet JVC rear ceiling mounted.

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Some details of the above case studies have been changed to protect the innocent.

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