Quantum has significant experience with Custom Commercial.

Custom Installation and integration with your home – Custom Installation is the key to a discreet audio and visual system. Say goodbye to multiple remotes. Using our custom control interface on a smart tablet, you have complete control of volume, sound settings and your music collection. Click HERE for comments from our customers.

A Hidden System. You no longer require a stack of electronics in the living room. With customised cabinets and purpose designed storage racks, your system is hidden. Your tablet can be used in any room. Quantum's expert staff can ensure excellent wifi and other home network services.

Streaming, stored music and movies. with today's technology Quantum can install systems that access stored digital music, from your Phone, Tablet or computer, also on-line subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify, Deezer or free radio services. Instant access to your personal movie and music collections can also be selected via Tablet control.

Below: A customised Quantum Tablet Controller. Complete control of your audio and visual system. Lighting, shutters, drapes and blinds too.

Large Screen Home Theatre. Watching movies on a large LED TV is just that, a large TV, often with annoying black bars on the top and bottom of your favourite movie. With a custom, purpose designed theatre, utilising a high definition projector, images come to life, and with an ultra wide 1:235 aspect ratio screen you see ALL the image from Blu-ray and other HD sources.

Below: This high definition projector was supplied and installed on an ultra-lift in-ceiling motorised lift by Quantum’s skilled install team.

Audio System. Music is relaxing and helps smooth out that 'rough' day so Quantum can fit high quality speakers to your home or business. With digital music streaming; all the music in the world is waiting for you to listen to it.

Plan Ahead. Plan Ahead. Often cabling for flat panel displays, indoor and outside speakers, correct antenna placement and home automation can be overlooked or placed in the 'too hard basket' when planning your new home or house extension.
For a general overview of planning your AV install, call for an appointment. Bring in your plans or arrange a joint consultation with your architect/interior designer. Allow for the cost of installing high grade cabling, and of course, labour charges for a professional result. Quantum’s Custom Install Team can ensure optimised performance – from TV, audio, lighting and ease of use.

The best time to arrange for custom integration is at the planning stage of any proposed building, so current and future needs can be included in the design. Some of the advantages of pre-planning are:

• Reduced costs vs. retro-fitting
• Hidden wiring and hardware
• Optimum placement of speakers and flat panel TVs
• Aesthetics, flexibility and ease of use

Email or phone our System Designer Glenn Jones or Quantum Director Rob MacFie to discuss your project.



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