Since our very beginnings in the 1970s, we have been dedicated to supplying clients with best quality and value Hifi components. Audio integrity with fatigue free listening, fun to use and long life has been the common goal even though technology has evolved. Photo above is new generation SME vinyl player and PrimaLuna tube amp.

Quantum has the world's leading hifi brands such as Spendor, Bowers & Wilkins, Rega, REL, Cambridge Audio, Rotel, and Monitor Audio. Also NAD, Yamaha, Musical Fidelity, and Naim, all available for you to audition, and select, with our staffs' enthusiastic guidance.

This photo shows our shop in 1973, and today we continue to recommend the latest best value hifi gear, whether digital or vinyl record players and accessories for our many clients, see you soon.

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