Multi-Room Music and Vision. Quantum have been promoting and installing multi-room solutions for over 20 years. From the humble beginnings of a Bose Lifestyle two or three room music system, to today's digital wireless or networked multi room systems, tablet or phone controlled.

Multi-Room Digital Music. Digital music is available either as a) music stored within your home on computer or mass storage hard drive b) streamed from a subscription provider such as Spotify or Deezer; c) internet radio - choose from the hundreds of stations from anywhere in the world. ADSL, NBN are prerequisites for reliable streamed music whether subscription or free radio. Whilst we have have had some success with dongle type internet connections you should seek advice from our staff.

Leading digital music brands recommended and installed by Quantum are Sonos, Bose, Naim, Bowers & Wilkins, Yamaha MusicCast and other specialist brands.

Multi-Room Vision. Streaming vision to various TV screen or Projectors around the home (or business) makes sense with all sources like Foxtel or stored movies shared around your network. Vision presents more challenges than music as the volumes of data are much greater. For this reason most multi-room vision system are cabled for stability and quality.
By utilising the excellent Yamaha Aventage home theatre receivers a 'free' second vision zone (room) such as bedroom or meals area is available. For more comprehensive vision distribution up to eight and more areas, we strongly recommend discussing with our qualified staff. By utilising the QControl tablet multi room controller, full and easy operation in any zone is available. If you intend to build or add extensions please contact Quantum as early as possible. Note that Quantum is an award winning HIA multi room home supplier and installer. Click HERE to read feedback from our happy clients.


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