Musical Fidelity being one of the UK’s most respected brands and recently purchased by Project (Vinyl Players) of Austria, have embraced the new technologies of music streaming and retro phono vinyl listening offering some awesome higher end offerings, but value products too for the more budget but discerning listener. The exceptional M series deserves auditioning at your next visit to Quantum.

Musical Fidelity M5si (below) – is the smaller sibling of the M6si (top) featuring Phono vinyl MM input and asynchronous DAC input for store digital music files. With 150+150w generous power output to deliver stunning dynamics from classical, jazz, rock and other musical genres, an amplifier for all seasons.

Musical Fidelity M series amplification including M3si (above & below) will marry with your favourite speakers and sources. Hear detail and subtleties from any source analogue or digital. The Home Theatre bypass input allows the MF to drive your main speakers left and right in a surround sound environment. Your Receiver only runs the centre and rears – so the best of both worlds – Hifi and home theatre. Audition at Quantum.


V90 Series (below). Designed for the modern music enthusiast, the V90 Series is a collection of devices designed to offer upgrades to a wide range of equipment. Musical Fidelity’s world-class design expertise offers technical excellence, sleek good looks and, a musical experience that is unrivalled at the price.

V90-DAC Digital-to-analog converter. No longer available, we do have the stunning Chord Mojo DAC in stock. Designed to deliver great audio quality from a wide range of digital sources.

V90-HPA Headphone amp. The V90-HPA is an affordable headphone amplifier offering a stunning listening experience from your favourite headphones.

V90-LPS Phono Stage. The V90-LPS is a Phono Stage with outstanding sound quality at an affordable price. With MC (moving coil) and MC (moving magnet) selection to suit your cartridge/vinyl turntable record player.

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