We have the new DPUB9000 Panasonic Universal Blueray Player (above) in stock. 

OPPO are ceasing manufacture of the digital audio gear soon - OPPO made exceptional gear that's functional, and well designed - like the HA1 headphone amp (below) – no longer available. We have limited stock of the PM1 PM2 and PM3 headphones  – comfortable and stunning in their ability to take you ‘there’. Great bass response with accurate and silky smooth treble.

Another superb piece of OPPO gear is the elegantly compact HA2 portable headphone amp (below) – providing exceptional output to your 'phones plus it's inbuilt digital analogue converter (DAC) is world class. Pair the HA2 with OPPO or headphones of your choice and enjoy music as never before.

Panasonic are well known for their Blueray/DVD/CD Universal players. The new DPUB820 (below) and DPUB9000 are stunning 4K players. These latest models offer class leading video processing (and CD audio with 9000) for the ultimate movie experience.

The award winning 9000 (top & bottom below) with the 820 offer the very best 4K & 1080P Blueray and DVD/CD performance. The build quality is second-to-none. Quantum also recommend QED cabling for Panasonic.

Quantum offer info regarding multi-region too (DVD). Check it out with our hands-on staff.

Image below shows the DPUB9000 back panel showing the excellent connectivity including balance XLR stereo audio outputs.

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