REL (UK) subwoofers, arguably among the very best sub woofers available, are available at Quantum. REL has been the industry leader in subwoofer styling, performance and value for decades, representing the combining of the science and the art of low frequency speaker design. With pleasing and surprisingly compact appearance REL has pushed the limits of subwoofer engineering to deliver exceptional low bass without annoying boom. Whether for music or a dedicated home theatre, REL has a suitable model for you.

REL HT Series. offers affordable quality subs from this iconic brand. The new HT series offers exceptional punch and clarity at very affordable pricing. The new Predator HT15 (top right) offers incredible bottom end via 15" driver with 3" (75mm) stroke! And 800 watts amplifier. Even the modestly priced HT10 produces a blend of style and design, in a potent, compact package. Features a single forward-firing long-throw 10” driver and high current 300W Class D amp the HT10 delivers performance well beyond its class. The HT12 gives increased rocking bottom end with 500W and 12" (30cm) driver. Quality REL design gives a rock solid thundering bass from the new HT range. Quantum have on demonstration the HT10 HT12 and HT15 Predator. Any excuse and we will fire these up.

REL Ti Series. offers affordable quality subs from a true specialist brand. With Line level and Speakon high level inputs, the new Ti series offers exceptional musicality. The Ti-5 produces a blend of style and design, in a potent, compact package. With a single down-firing long-throw 8” driver and high current 150W Class A/B amp the Ti5 delivers performance well beyond its size. Quality cabinet with hidden bracing designed to remove sloppy, boomy bass, all-too-common in this price range, while solid aluminium feet anchor the T-5i’s performance to your room. Quantum also have on demonstration T7i and T9i. You will be impressed.

REL have widened their sub offering with the exceptional S series. Featuring aluminium inverted cones for extra stability and rigidity. For exceptional bass extension and control the S Series follows on the tradition of other REL models for those requiring musicality and deep bass without annoying boom & thump.

The Stunning S/5. S/5 offers reference quality. S/5 produces exceptionally low bass with tremendous impact and speed. Even difficult-to-render instruments such as pipe organs are dealt with effortlessly. Large scale, high end 2-channel systems make a perfect pairing for S/5 and grand theatres are ideal. Medium to large rooms are appropriate. Scale is Very Large, Speed is Exceptional, Attack with Slam is a given.

The Balanced S/3. S/3 derives from the flagship S/5 and offers a more compact footprint and much of S/5 performance for use with either slightly more modest systems or rooms. Power is the equal of S/5, sans the grand scale, power and grunt of its larger sibling. Beautifully balanced, S/3 offers powerful, and incisive performance via a NextGen Class D amplifier with a fast, lightweight driver and matching passive, in a carefully damped cabinet to produce bass that is quite extraordinary for such a modestly-sized enclosure. As the industry has shifted its emphasis to Custom Installation, REL has been a leading innovator in developing subwoofers that fit every need and solve a wide variety of problems. Like the wireless or wired Habitat model – see bottom photo below - that is slim, elegant and fits onto your wall. White or black.


Compliment you home theatre or music system with exceptional bass – via a REL sub. Come and see Quantum for your personal demonstration; you will not be disappointed.


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