Rotel have been researching, designing and manufacturing high-performance audio components for 50 years. Their meticulous dedication to what truly matters has won them critical acclaim and countless Rotel fans around the globe. All models available in Silver or Black finish.

RB1582Mk2 - Classic Rotel Stereo Power Amplifier. Rotel has been engineering and manufacturing power amplifiers for decades. The RB-1582 is the culmination of everything they have learned to date about amplifier design and sound quality. The rated output is 2 x 200 watts into 8 ohms.

Power Amplifier with a staggering 5 x 200watts per channel - RMB1585. This multi channel beast is designed to deliver stacks of headroom and power to you home theatre receiver of Processor. Rotel engineering excellence! The rated output is 5 x 200 watts into 8 ohms or 5 x 360 watts into 4 ohms.]

RA1570 Amplifier. This new breed of amplifier from Rotel offers stunning high power at 120w + 120w RMS, and a multitude of user friendly inputs: Optical and Coax digital, USB with iPhone charging, Phono vinyl records input, and standard analogue for CDs etc. Unique and with exceptional build quality; an amplifier for the 21st Century from one of the industry’s oldest manufacturer.

RA12 (above finished model). This Rotel stereo amplifier has digital as well as analogue audio inputs - optical/coax inputs for TV & music devices. Plus USB for iPod/iPad. Vinyl record players connect to the MM phono
input. Also A or A+B speaker switching for multi-room. A thoroughly up-to-date hi-fi solution for you!

A10 Integrated Amplifier. Every journey has to start somewhere. For an entry into the world of high-fidelity sound there is no better stepping off point than the A10 amplifier. It takes much of the original design and high-quality sound of the oroginal RA08. But knowledge and experience gained developing both the higher-end 15 Series has led to significant changes to the components used, and the sound produced. Simply makes music, vinyl record player input too.

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