Home Audio, the facts... Before offering advice we ask questions. We will find out about what sort of music you listen to, movies you watch, and the room or rooms where audio playback is required. With this knowledge we’ll bring together components or recommend a system that will deliver the experience you’re looking for, both in terms of sound quality, ease of use, and will be appropriate to the design of your home.

We encourage you to audition with the style of movies or music you like from our selection of Bluray, Vinyl records, CD or digital music. Soft or loud, action packed, classical or grunge, you can listen before you decide. We have an extensive range of digital music of many styles. Some well-known brands such as Bose combine performance and quality into a one-brand solution. Or you may prefer a digital single or multi-room solution. Quantum expert staff is here to advise. By choosing from separate components one can ensure both excellent performance and longevity from your system. Separate components, whether digital systems, home theatre or analogue stereo offers flexibility.

A vinyl record player can be connected as part of a stand-alone, or with an integrated solution. Quantum has the knowledge, experience and a range of the best digital music. Modern components can use tablet or smart phone control. We can also provide the digital to analogue conversion (DAC) appropriate for refined playback of your high-resolution music files.

A great pair of speakers or headphones. There is something very pleasant about sitting in front of a pair of good speakers at your own concert! The right speakers or headphones go more than half way to achieving superb sound, regardless of budget. Freestanding speaker designs, or floor or table/stand mounted ‘box’ speakers offer excellent performance. We will help you choose a speaker brand, size and finish to fit your home. In-ceiling, or in-wall speaker systems are very popular these days with open plan or smaller rooms that don’t have the space for free standing versions.
An alternative is sub-sat systems with a separate sub-woofer enhancing the bass and tiny cube-like satellite speakers which can be wall or ceiling speakers mounted by our installers.
Correct speaker and sub woofer placement is critical for achieving best results both aesthetically and for sound. For personal listening we have a range of the best in-ear, over-ear or on-ear headphones. We also stock Bose noise cancelling headphones; for fatigue-free long distance airline travel.

Our final word about sound. Listening to music offers a great way to relax,or entertain. Whether you require an Airplay, Sonos or Bluetooth stand alone digital system, or hifi components with class leading studio quality speakers, we will recommend the best solution for you. Quantum also has a range of vinyl record players, vacuum tube amps and associated retro gear. 


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