Quantum - Your Independent AV Specialist. With more than 40 years supplying and installing audio and visual products we enjoy advising you, your partner or family as to which audio components, speakers and vision products that will make your Home Theatre experience come to life. And, by purchasing from an independent AV Specialist we can promise you integration with simplified operation, fully supported by the Quantum team.

The Screen. LED Televisions are available in sizes from 66cm to in excess of 170cm, LED television is the world's most accepted technologies for flat panel TV. 1080p, with 1920 lines of resolution - is the best HD quality. Or 4K UHD with nearly four time this resolution. Note that there are two competing technologies, OLED and QLED. Both are attempting to create the most realistic image and motion, with OLED offering better blacks whilst Samsung's QLED is brighter and handles rapid motion very well.

Projection. For stunning realism this is still the most exciting way to watch Blu-ray movies or streaming Netflix and big sports events. A quality home theatre needs a Ultra Hi-def Projector and large, high quality screen to deliver cinema-like results from movies, sport and gaming. Screen sizes of up to 300cm can be achieved although a 16:9 aspect ratio; 250cm (100") screen is an excellent viewing size for your home theatre. Projection screens can be motorised to raise and lower as required, or fixed frame when installed in a dedicated theatre room. Also we have the option of a 1:235 aspect ratio screen for that true cinema-scope anamorphic ultra-widescreen experience.
If room layout or high ambient light doesn't permit a projector, consider a high quality wide screen LED television. However, viewing movies or sport even on a large 60"+ TV will not have the life-like and involving experience of a projected picture. Large LED TVs can offer excellent picture quality, but a projector delivers that extraordinary cinema quality. Our staff will be happy to advise as to the best vision solution for your home. One option is to choose an LED TV for day to day viewing, and a motorised projection screen for movies and sport so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Sound. Good movies are as much about sound as they are pictures, so to do them, and your music collection justice, you need to match your TV or Projector with a first class audio system, not an off the shelf home theatre in a box. For those not wanting a component audio solution, CLICK HERE to check out our Bose Soundbar and Lifestyle system options.

The Home Theatre Receiver. This is the 'engine' that all sources, including Blu-ray players and Media Server plug in to. It can house up to 9 amplifiers to drive the various speakers around the room. It also contains digital processors for both vision and audio. A good home theatre should be based around a powerful surround receiver. These receivers have HDMI inputs for future expansion. Quantum has models featuring awesome Dolby Digital Atmos, and Airplay®, Bluetooth®, or MusicCast with Ethernet/wifi connection for streaming music. How much power is needed varies depending on room size, type of speaker system and listening habits. Remember than many so called leading brands inflate wattage figures to impress the intending purchaser. Don't be fooled by focusing on just the power specifications - the number of watts does not tell you how the system will actually perform in your room. Quantum's install team can expand your home theatre receiver to a multi-room solution if required.


 The Speaker System. A quality speaker system using in-ceiling, on-wall or freestanding speakers will deliver the right home theatre experience. Many are visually appealing and are available in various finishes to coordinate with your home decor. Ask us about Stealth, the speaker system which are completely hidden within gyprock walls or ceilings. Click here to read more. Satellite solutions are another excellent choice where compact size is a priority.

Main Speakers. Because most of our customers still want good stereo sound from their CD collection, Stored and streamed music and movies, it is important to have main speakers capable of reproducing your favourite music and movies properly. These front left and right speakers should be be placed evenly either side of the visual display.

Centre Speaker. This important part of any home theatre delivers the voice or dialogue channel and should sit just above or directly below the image. This speaker must be voice matched to the left and right front speakers.

bowers and Wilkins in ceieing speaker

Rear speakers are usually smaller units so they can be wall or ceiling mounted. A very good solution is utilising in-ceiling or in-wall speakers. In fact many of our customers are now choosing and we are installing complete, 'flush' in-wall or in-ceiling solutions for front and rear speakers.

Sub-Woofer. By definition sub bass means moving lots of air to create those low, low notes! Subwoofers contain their own amplifier so it is not just another speaker in a box. You will not see a bass player at the local pub using 10cm drivers in the speaker cabinet, usually they are a minimum 20cm or 30cm. Most good home theatre subwoofers have a quality larger cone driver (or woofer). Some designs, to reduce size, utilise very powerful D class amplifiers and long throw smaller bass woofer(s). You'd better come in and ask us what that means...

The End Result – It MUST be Simple to use. Quantum has developed and designed an elegant customised control interface that eliminates the need for all those remotes.

As well as watching movies, check out some of the live concerts available on Blu-ray or online. Even for aging rock 'n rollers like Quantum's Rob MacFie, there are concerts from that favourite group or artist. These sound and look brilliant through a good Quantum installed home theatre solution. See you soon.

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