Quantum Yamaha Catalogue now available here. Yamaha has been dedicated to the creation and reproduction of music for over 100 years, as a world renowned piano and musical instrument manufacturer, and as a leader in home audio.


RN-602 AM/FM AirPlay® Network Receiver with MusicCast. With an astonishing array of great features this receiver will solve many connection problems for you without having to buy a home theatre receiver, which for many introduces unwanted complexity. Inputs: Optical and Coax for LED TV, DVD or Media players like Apple TV. USB charging and Phone playback. Also Phono input for your record player and ability to connect two pairs of speakers! 80+80Watts RMS output. Networking means stream Apple AirPlay® and control via the free App on Android or iDevices. with MusicCast multi-room digital music (see more info below), Wifi and Bluetooth.


RN-402 AM/FM & RN303D FM/DAB Network Receiver (above). With plenty of output power and connecting to a possible 2 pairs of speakers, this model in similar to the RN602 and excludes Phono input. Digital inputs plus USB and AirPlay/Bluetooth, also inputs for your CD etc with quality sound to make music sing. With MusicCast multi room (see more info below).


AS-701 Amplifier (above). A superb hifi amp with excellent features and Phono turntable input too.


CD-S300 CD player. The humble CD player has been around for 30 years and despite digital music streaming there are  millions of CDs around. This Yamaha CD player also allows charging and playback from your iOS device; & media storage via the front USB. A player for all seasons.


CD-C600 5 disc CD player. The 5 disc CD player version of the CDS300 above. USB charging and playback from your iOS device; & media storage.

*Most Yamaha models available in black or silver finish.

HiFi never went away, it just never went wireless. Until now. MusicCast is a multi-room, pure digital streaming music player ecosystem designed and engineered by Yamaha. The total dedication to sonic performance is matched only by Yamaha's love of music. You don’t need to be an audiophile to appreciate high definition sound. At Quantum we just want you to enjoy your music and hear what you have been missing.

WHOLE HOME MUSIC - Stream it anywhere you want to listen. All without a computer. The range of Yamaha MusicCast products includes Stereo and & Aventage Surround receivers; Soundbars; stand alone systems and powered speakers. Listen to any of your collection or streaming services like Spotify without sitting in front of a computer.

MCR-N670 – is a premium quality high-resolution wireless streaming (or wired) music system. Featuring the best of old and new with CD player, and separate hifi amp. Listen to digital music services or your collection. Or live free internet radio. MCR-N670 also has AirPlay, Bluetooth and receives or rebroadcasts to/from other MusicCast models. Available in black too.

MusicCast 50 (below) - is a stand alone wireless digital music speaker. Just add power and you can enjoy all the world's music at your fingertips. Sleek black this small system will amaze you with its clarity and ease of use. Also can be a wireless stereo rear speaker for Aventage Home theatre receivers. Quantum are your multi-room digital music experts.

YSP-5600 (below) – is a soundbar in the MusicCast family. This is an all in one digital music streaming system provides superior TV sound with Dolby Atmos Surround Sound without rear speakers. Rich, clean bass via its subwoofer and spatial texture clarity to fill small to large sized rooms. Placed under or above your TV (optional wall bracket) - enjoy MusicCast digital music streaming from music services like Spotify, plus Bluetooth and internet radio. And much, much more.

NX-N500 (below) – Highs and lows – digitally equalised to delight your ears (and eyes). These compact active speakers owe their heritage to the famous NS10 studio monitor. With built in amplification the NX-N500 are wireless network digital music speakers plus have optical and analogue inputs for your source devices. Listen to high res music files, stream from Spotify or your favourite service. MusicCast - a unique blend of technology and sublime musical outcome.

QUANTUM NETWORKING EXPERTISE – with a decade of installing digital music systems our team can enhance your digital entertainment experience by recommending & connecting the very best routers, wifi extenders and so forth.

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